Saturday, November 24, 2012

Youth Competition for Disaster Education

Alhamdulillah PMRmania lolos seleksi tahap pertama Youth Competition for Disaster Education by Japan Foundation and LIPI. Here the woro-woro :D Mohon doanya ya kawan-kawan~ SIAMO

The application submission of “Youth Competition for Disaster Education” started on September 27th and was closed on October 31st, 2012, which then resulted in 139 teams or 556 individuals, as there are four members for each teams, applied from 25 cities all over Indonesia as the total number of the applicants.

The surprisingly high number, shows that throughout Indonesian archipelago, the disaster awareness of Indonesian youth is quite high. They are the ones who already have hands on experience and yet willing to learn and grow further more by joining this program.

Dated since November 1st until 12th, 2012, the committee had conducting the screening selection process as the first round of selection. Those teams who passed the first screening selection have now become the finalists of “Youth Competition for Disaster Education.” The Finalists are expected to prepare their team presentation that will be presented during the second round of selection, which is going to be hold in December 5th 2012 at the Conference Hall of the Japan Foundation Jakarta, Summitmas 1, 2nd Floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Kav. 61-62, Jakarta 12150.

Here is the list of the Finalists of “Youth Competition for Disaster Education.” :
Team Name
1AIESEC Andalas UniversityPadang
2ARKOM JogjaJogjakarta
3BEM FK UGMJogjakarta
4Book for MountainJogjakarta
5COMPASS (Community of Prepardness Aceh Disaster)Banda Aceh
6EGO ( EEPIS Green Organization)Surabaya
8GMU Initiator TeamJogjakarta
9Guidance and Counseling LaboratoryJogjakarta
10Himpunan Mahasiswa Psikologi (HIMAPSI) UnsyiahBanda Aceh
11Humanity and Disaster Caring CommunityMalang
12Kelompok Mahasiswa Pecinta Lingkungan Hidup dan Kemanusiaan RANITATangerang
14Mahagana UNAIRSurabaya
16PMR-mania CommunityYogyakarta
18SWARA NightingalePadang
19Young TAGANABandung
20Youth Disaster Care CommunityJakarta

Congratulation for the Finalists who passed the screening selection process!
For detailed information about the presentation and second round, a notification through email will be sent to each Finalists’ email addresses in Friday 16th, 2012 after 17:00 (WIB).
For those teams who did not pass, we are very sorry to inform you that for this time we could not have you to join in. This time, the competition was quite severe, as only 20 teams are selected for the second round from 139 teams applied. We hope that we can have you in other projects in near future.

The second round of competition is an open forum for presentation. Everyone is welcome to come and watch the exciting competition among the finalists.

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